<!-- TITLE: Recurring Events --> # Meetup We keep all of our event information on [the Counterpoint Meetup page](https://meetup.com/counterpoint). Be sure to visit that page to check for cancellations, reschedulings, and other ad-hoc and one-off events not listed here on the recurring schedule. ## Bi-Weekly ### General Meeting Hosted by *Any Member*. Every two weeks, we hold a general meeting. These meetings serve the purpose of making announcements, giving the financial report, reaching member consensus on any proposals, and general discussion. These meetings may also be scheduled in addition to the monthly recurring event if there are outstanding consensus items or if otherwise warranted. ### Music Theory, Music Tech, and Improvisation Hosted by [Moby](/People/Moby). This class is for all things music! Music theory, improvisation, music technology, producing, recording, songwriting, developing music applications, sound synthesis, and more. ### Game Development With Unity Hosted by [Dylan](/People/Dylan). Whether you are working on a game of your own or want to come and learn from others, come hack! ### Anarchist Book Club Hosted by [Gordon](/People/Gordon) and [Moby](/People/Moby). Revolution "by the book"! This is a reading and discussion group for anyone involved with or interested in radical politics. Leave your liberalism at the door and come with an open mind. We maintain the space's mini infoshop, zines, and newspapers. We do outreach and organizing with other local radical groups like Food Not Bombs, Atlanta Black Cross, Earth First, and others. ## Monthly ### Five Minutes of Fame Hosted by *Any Member*. Five Minutes of Fame (5MoF) is ten five minute talks in an hour, with a short intermission so you can get another beer. Talks tend to be ad-hoc, poorly-planned, and awe-inspiring. ### Open House Hosted by *Any Member*. Every month, we hold a general open house for newcomers to come and learn about what we are doing at the space, meet people to work on projects with, and get a tour. These events are very relaxed and informal. ### Programming with JavaScript Hosted by [Gordon](/People/Gordon). Want to learn how to code? We'll teach you! This new workshop series will focus on teaching the basics of programming using JavaScript! This recurring class is aimed towards beginners - no prior experience is required. While we will be using JavaScript to learn, we will cover programming topics that can be applied to any language. This class is project focused - we will be learning by building a fully functioning project from start to finish ### Offensive Security Hosted by [Alex](/People/AlexKot) and [Rob](/People/robertmccurdy) We have a PXE boot enviroment with plenty of spare laptops. This will allow anyone to come without using their own laptop to boot into Kali. We will demostrate various VMs which you can hack. ### Paint Party Hosted by [Luke](/People/Luke) and [Libby](/People/Libby). Make and take! Pay a small fee for the cost of materials and we will paint a picture together. We will follow a video and help each other along. Everyone will take home their painting to brag about. ### Surveillance Self Defense Hosted by [Gordon](/People/Gordon). "It's dangerous to go alone, take this..." is the anthem of our monthly counter-surveillance class. Come and learn about how to protect yourself both online and in the flesh. These meetings start by defining a threat model, followed by hands on demonstration of a specific tool for protecting yourself and open discussion. ### Cosplay and Prop Strategy Hosted by [Alex L](/People/AlexL). Come and learn different strategies for designing and fabricating costumes. If you have something you are working on and want to show it off, get help and feedback from others, or are completely new and want to learn, join Alex's Cosplay Strats once per month! ### Dungeons and Dragons Hosted by [Dylan](/People/Dylan). Cast Magic Missile! Join a monthly Dungeons and Dragons campaign. No gods, no dungeon masters. Be sure to RSVP in advance as we have a maximum party size.