Everyone is welcome at Counterpoint. You do not have to be a member to come to meetings, participate in classes and events, or make proposals. Membership is something different. It's a commitment to the project, both in the form of dues and active participation. To become a member, you'll need an existing member to vouch for you. The best way to do this is to come to meetings! Once you have a member who is willing to sponsor you, attend the next general meeting with that person. During the meeting you'll have a chance to tell others that you'd like to join and, if everyone consents, you can complete the [membership application](https://members.counterpoint.info/join) and setup your dues. All members or those applying for membership are expected to have read, understand, and follow our [vision](/Our-Vision), [community standards](/Community-Standards), and [anti-harassment policy](/Anti-Harassment-Policy). # Member Portal * [Manage Dues](https://members.counterpoint.info/) Once your account is created, login with your credentials and setup your dues with a credit or debit card. Once complete, you will be "knighted" at the next meeting! As a member, you get to participate in consensus and have a voice in the development of the space. # Wiki Access and GitLab Members maintain this Wiki using [GitLab](https://gitlab.com). Create account and ask another member like [Gordy](People/Gordon) to add you to the organization. From there you can clone this repository, add your own page about you to `people/firstname.md`, and anything else you like. See the page for [updating the wiki](Updating-The-Wiki) for important notes on proper formatting and directory structure. # Rocket Chat Members and the community communicate using [Rocket.Chat](https://rocket.chat/). You can create an account on our server and join the discussion! * [Chat Server](https://chat.counterpoint.info)