Counterpoint is a physical space open and welcoming to all, providing infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for anyone interested in programming, hardware, crafts, science, robotics, art, and technology. We teach, we learn, we share. With no leaders, we have one rule: "Be excellent to each other". # Governance and Goals * [Vision](Our-Vision) * [Consensus Process](Consensus-Process) * [Community Standards](Community-Standards) * [Board](Board) # Nuts and Bolts * [Visitor Advice](Visitor-Advice) # Conflict and Concerns * [Anti Harassment Policy](Anti-Harassment-Policy) * [Mediation](Mediation) # Frequently Asked Questions ## What is a hackerspace? A hackerspace is a physical space where anyone can come and work on projects and learn new things. Contrary to what you might have seen on the television, a "hacker" is simply anyone who enjoys building things, breaking things, and inventing new ways to do both. ## How can it be free? Learning should not be a privilege that can only be granted by undertaking crippling debt or submission to the authority of an institution. Learning is a natural and necessary property of consciousness and must be free as in both freedom and price. We operate on charitable donations from people who share this belief. ## How do I get involved? If you haven't attended a meeting, then come to the next one and meet everyone! Counterpoint belongs to everyone, and everyone can help. Start a class or workshop or invite us to participate in a project! ## What does "founded on anarchist principles" mean? Counterpoint was established on the principles of mutual aid and solidarity. We are composed of a group who wishes to share knowledge and learn in an environment that encourages community and sharing over profit and personal gain. Leaderless, we make decisions based on the consensus of our membership and welcome those who share these values to join us. ## What can I do here? Meet techie, arty, and crafty folks, take a class, teach a class, build something out of stuff on the hack shelves, use our library, surf the web, and so on. ## How do I get there? The physical address of the space is: 625 Colonial Park Dr Suite 203 Roswell, GA 30075 This is located off Grimes Bridge Rd, right where it connect with Holcomb Bridge Rd in a quaint little colonial-style office park. There is MARTA bus access nearby. ## Do I need to be a member? You don't need to be a Member to participate in Counterpoint in any way. All are welcome! Counterpoint is also a great place to hang out and work on projects. However, if you spend a lot of time at Counterpoint and you're not donating, you'll be expected to contribute in some other material way to the space and the culture surrounding it. Meetings are usually every Thursday at 8pm. Meetings are mostly for organizational purposes. Every week there are lots of activities at Counterpoint, planned and otherwise. Check the [Meetup]( for upcoming events, workshops, and classes. And feel free to add your own! Counterpoint is a fairly open and permissive space, and the equipment (unless otherwise marked, or on a member shelf) is open for public use. Safety first! Feel free to come to Counterpoint to work and play on your project, or help others with theirs.