Updating The Wiki

Counterpoint's Wiki is served using Wiki.js and is two-way synchronized with our operations git repository. The addition of our logo and login background among some other cosmetic changes were modified directly in the Wiki.js source running on the server. Ask Gordon for SSH access if you need it.


  • You can edit the wiki by pushing to the operations git repository
    • Create a Gitlab.com account and request access to the organization
  • You can edit the wiki by logging into the website
    • Ping Gordon if you'd like an account
  • Changes made from either side are synchronized
  • Files are authored using Markdown
  • File name must be all lowercase with hyphens to represent spaces
    • Incorrect: My_Wiki_Page.md (will not show up in wiki)
    • Correct: my-wiki-page.md (will show up in wiki)


The left navigation sidebar has a section called "Page Contents". This section is automatically populated based on level 1 and 2 headings in the page. It will not show other headings, or level 2 heading without a preceding level 1 heading.

This is handy for letting vistors jump around to important parts of the page. To create a level one heading, just precede the line with a single #. For a level 2 heading, use ##.


Generally it is best to use absolute paths, meaning start with a preceding slash and write out the fully qualified path from the wiki's root. This helps to ensure that there are never any broken links if pages get moved around.

For example, linking to a meeting page should look like:

On last week's [meeting](/Meetings/2018-08-16.md), nobody brought a computer.

Images and Uploads

You can upload images and other content using the wiki website, or my placing the file in the repository under /uploads to make them linkable here. Please do not upload anything over 3MiB or so.


Blockquotes have a special additional trait which allows you to modify the color of the container. For example a default block quote is written like:

> I am a default blockquote

And renders:

I am a default blockquote

But you can add a special tag directly underneath, such as:

> I am a warning blockquote

Which renders:

I am a warning blockquote

There are several modifiers: info, success, warning, and danger. See the documentation on the topic for more details.