Robert McCurdy

About Robert


Let me know if y'all need anything! I am always willing to help people learn.

Highly skilled hands-on technical IT Security professional, with over 15 years experience in Networking and Internet Security.

o Certified Penetration Testing Specialist (CPTS), Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT), ACC Archer Certified Consultant o Experience working with many teams and external clients to perform full Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing for companies of varying size. o Hands on experience with creating portable versions for security apps for windows W3AF, Metasploit and custom meterpreter scripts, Nessus, routing/CARP with software and hardware with UNIX based firewalls, SQL/PHP debug dynamic scripts, Advanced Apache Proftpd PHP MySQL and CPanel scripts, Webhosting/Consulting. o Experience also includes security applications Snort/Snortsam IDP, MITM attacks, ISR-evilgrade and Ettercap filters, and hijacking update services for applications running on MacOS and Windows. o Performed and developed Mobile security applications testing for IOS/Android devices using web proxies and Reverse Engineering Framework tools like lobotomy. o Knowledgeable in web application vulnerability tools and techniques. o Worked with a team to audit DMZ for Energy Company SCADA Systems to identify potential segmentation gaps. o Worked with a team to setup VoIP system to automate Wardialing using WarVOX to identify potential telephony targets with consoles